With the formation of the Maryland Historical Trust in 1961, subsequently the Wicomico County Committee was formed in Wicomico County to report back to the MHT about preservation issues in this county. The first order of business was the restoration of Pemberton Hall with other historic landmarks following. Studies of historic sites were completed and by 1973 there were 75, only to eventually jump to 155. Historic districts were formed in the county and maintained with the help of the Wicomico County Committee backed by the Maryland Historical Trust.

In the mid-1980s, the Wicomico committee and other county committees incorporated as an independent organization, the Wicomico County Historical Trust, Inc. It maintained the historic sites inventory, monitored preservation activities and promoted public awareness of preservation issues. In January, 1993 the Wicomico County Historical Trust became the Preservation Trust of Wicomico, Inc. to avoid confusion with other preservation organizations in the county.

Preservation Trust of Wicomico, Inc. is a volunteer organization and welcomes new members interested in the preservation of historic sites and cemeteries in the county.

Donations are also welcome to help in those efforts. It is a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit organization.  




About Us

Members visiting cemeteries in Wicomico County

Preservation Trust Of Wicomico, Inc.

Board of Directors:

Aleta Davis, President

Nancy Robertson, Vice-President 

Carolyn Adkins,, Treasurer

Tom Lawton, Secretary


other members:   

John Fooks                                               

Jim Jackson                                                     Brian Knode

Lisa Ludwig

Donna Messick

Jim Morris

Ray Thompson

William Wilson